Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why do I get different prices on my gold depending on what karat it is?


Each karat (10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, and 24k) is made up of a certain percentage of gold and a certain percentage of other metals. United Gold exchange pays you based on the percentage of gold in your items. Listed below are examples of what percentages of Gold your items contain!

10k = 41.7% Gold          18k = 75.0% Gold        24k = 99.9%  Gold

14k = 58.5% Gold          22k = 91.6% Gold


2.  What types of silver do we buy?


We can take silver if it is clearly mark marked “.925” or “sterling” on the item.

We take:

Quarters, dimes and half dollars the year of 1964 and back,

Flatware, tea sets, platters and candlesticks ect.


3.  What stamps indicate that your gold items might be fake?


Listed below are examples of stamps that may indicate your jewelry is plated.

  • GE or HGE = Heavy Gold Electroplate
  •     Example: 18k HGE or 14k GE
  • RGP = Rolled Gold Plated
  • Example 14k RGP
  • GF = Gold Filled
  • Example: 10k GF
  • 1/20 =  Gold Filled (1/20 Total Weight)
  • Example: 1/20 14k
  • GP = Gold Plated

Example: 18k GP


4.  What should you bring with you to complete your sale?


We require a driver’s license, or state/federal issued ID.


5.  What is a pennyweight?


A pennyweight is a form of measurement. We will break down a conversion for you!       dwt= pennyweight

1 dwt = 1.555 grams       31.1 grams = 1 troy ounce

20 dwt = 1 troy ounce


6.  What if I’m unsure my jewelry is real?


Bring it to us any way! We will be more than happy to check it for   you!


7. What does the “k” stamp on my jewelry mean?


The “K” stamp on your jewelry stands for “Karat” you may also see the stamps “KT” or “KP”.

“KP” stands for Karat Plumb.


8.  Where does your gold go when you sale it?


It is really cool process. We Package it up and send it to our refinery, where it is melted, refined, and made available to the public again!